Our Curries - $ 5

Curry is used in the cuisine of almost every country and can be incorporated into a dish or even a drink. The word comes from “Kari” which is from the Tamil language and was later anglicized into “curry”.
Its spread is attributed to the British Raj whose personnel acquired a taste for the spicy foods when stationed in India. Make your curry extra hot, ask for our curry enhancer.
Try our special blends at home - available for sale at The Moon.

Moon Signature Indian Curry

2x Spicy
Tomato and onion base with our secret blend of 32 spices

Tikha Masala

1x Spicy
Our signature curry base with rich creamy red tandoori spices


2x Spicy
Malaysian aromatic coconut curry


4x Spicy
A very spicy sauce with brandy, vinegar and cardamom


2x Spicy
Indian curry with green chilies, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes


5x Spicy
Make your curry extra hot with Enhancer

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