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Curry is used in the cuisine of almost every country and can be incorporated into a dish or even a drink. The word comes from Kari which is from the Tamil language and was later anglicized into curry.
Its spread is attributed to the British Raj whose personnel acquired a taste for the spicy foods when stationed in India. Make your curry extra hot, ask for our curry enhancer.
~ Keep in mind, a little goes a long way!

Moon Signature Indian Curry

2x Spicy
Tomato and onion base with our secret blend of 32 spices

Tikha Masala

1x Spicy
Our signature curry base with rich creamy red tandoori spices

Chili Tikha Masala

3x Spicy
Our Tikha Masala sauce blended with onion and Indian chilies

Indian Chili

2x Spicy
Our signature curry base with a blend of fresh cilantro and green chilies


4x Spicy
A very spicy sauce with brandy, vinegar, cardamom, and topped with a hardboiled egg


2x Spicy
Malaysian Aromatic coconut curry finished with potatoes


Served Mild, Medium, or Hot with Basmati rice
and Pappadom


$ 14.50

Beef Tenderloin Tips

$ 17

Shrimp (10 count)

$ 18


$ 13.50

Vegetable & Tofu

$ 14.50

Platter $ 3.5

With onion/tomato salad and Naan bread

Traditional Set-Up $ 4

Includes marinated onions, mango chutney and raita
Add Pappadom $ 1. Add Naan bread $ 3

British Specialties

Traditional Fish & Chips

$ 18 10 oz. beer battered Icelandic cold-water cod served with fries and choice of peas or coleslaw
Half Order $ 13

Shepherds Pie

$14 Ground beef and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese

Beer Battered Haddock

$15 With fries and choice of peas or coleslaw

English Pasty

$ 16 Ground beef and vegetables in an herb gravy and wrapped in flaky pastry served with peas and choice of rice or fries

British Bangers and Mash

$15 Served with baked beans, mashed potatoes, grilled onions and gravy

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

$13 Choice of fries, rice, or vegetables

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

$16 Ground soy and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella served with a Cuban roll and mixed greens

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, poultry, seafood, or shellfish increases the Risk of contracting a foodborne illness; especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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